We've done a bunch of skids and spreader bars for the Oil and Gas Industry, Instrument Air Dryers, Spreader Bars, Compressor Skids, Cold Starts, Vapor Recovery Units.  Including: Manuals, Testing Protocols, Testing, Parts List, etc...

This project required 16 custom made aluminum boats in a 3 month period.  You can ride them in Monterrey's Paseo Santa Lucia.  We did everything from selecting materials, 3D modeling an the construction itself.  It was a lot of fun but really tight!

This customer wanted a blimp capable of lifting a payload of 250 pounds.  Here's the result!.  It flew like a charm.

This project came as a request from a customer that wants to develop Wind driven desalinization.  We designed, built and tested this working prototype capable of pressure of 1000 psi.

These are some of our Wastewater Treatment Plants that we have done with our sister company Total Water Solutions (check us out at totalwatersolutions.net).

For Over 20 Years in Business, we've done almost all in Engineering.

In Environmental Engineering:  From Waste water Treatment Plants, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Filtration, Potabilization, Tanks, Pipelines, Compressor and Blower Systems, Bio Reactors, Aeration Systems, Protein Skimmers, Activated Sludge Plants, DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation Units), Landfill Design, Trash Compactors. The World's first Windmill capable of reaching 1000 psi!  We've designed and constructed our own hydroponic and Aquaponic system, we've built several aeration and treatment units for shrimp farms.

In Oil And Gas: Vapor Recovery Units, Heat Exchangers, Air dryer units, Compressor Skids, Control Panels, Spreader Bars

In Mechanical Engineering: We've designed hundreds of tanks, Pumps, Pipelines, Wind Turbines, Boats, Blimp, yes Blimps as in Air Ships, Air Propelled Rockets, Airplanes, Walkways, Stair cases, doors and fences, we've designed and built our own CNC machines and automated several Machines.  We've welded, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, worked with wood, Plastics, Glass, Acrilic.  And yes, we can desing and print in 3D.  What a wonderful world!

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