Mario Chapa, M.S. is our lead Engineer and our CEO.  He is a Mechanical Engineer with a Master's Degree in Environmental Engineering.  Take a look at our Projects page for a visual resume.


At we are committed to solve humanity's greatest challenges, like global warming, mass extinction, food and potable water production, clean energy, pollution control and green building .  We are a team of Engineers and Entrepreneurs willing to help solve these pressing issues by putting our minds, time and money on the line.

Our first objective is to save honeybees.   To tackle this problem, we have created The Hive GenieTM  a robotic beekeeper that can count bees, measure weight, temperature, illumination and relative humidity and estimate the beehive population and health.  For more information go to

Our Team:

​Mario Chapa M.S., P.E.                         CEO  Engineer, Beekeeper

Joe Levi, M.S.                                             CDO  Data Scientist

Pradeep H. N.                                            CTO  Software Engineer

Jonathan Goudy                                      Electronic Engineer

Emily Breese                                              Product Development

Houston Technology Center             Incubator

Robert McNair Ignition Fund           Accelerator